pgflexPremium Plastic Group Manufacturing Corporation (PPGMC) was incorporated on January, 2007 at Calamba City, Laguna Province, Philippines. The principal stockholders are involved in the plastic manufacturing and marketing business here and abroad.


With a total of five (5) calendering lines, together with a variety of offline equipments, PPGMC has the capacity to manufacture about 22,000 metric tons per annum for the domestic and export markets. Its product lines range from PVC transparent film and sheets to multi-structured laminates.

Our flexible transparent & colored/embossed film and sheet products find use in the packaging and converting industries. Meantime, our laminates include: floor coverings for home improvement, tarpaulin for the commercial and industrial building construction and transport industries, signage and banner materials for the advertising industry, materials for converters who make packaging, stationery items, wallets and bags, rainwear and PVC insulation tape.

Further details on our products are given below:


Transparent and opaque of any color plasticizer content, smooth or embossed, 0.05mm (50 micron) to 0.5mm (500 micron) thickness, 39.37 (1 meter) to 72 inches wide, in rolls of lengths specified by customer – for stationary and office supply, shower curtain, rainwear, inflatable toys.


Multi-layered film/sheets laminate, with top film layer *printing and coating, smooth or embossed, with mesh cloth insert or knitted cloth backing, up to 1.7mm thickness, 39.37 (1 meter) to 72 inches wide, in rolls of lengths specified by customer – for table cloth, floormat/covering, truck cover (tarpaulin).


The five (5) major calendering lines enable us to manufacture single layer films and sheets from 0.05mm up to 0.40mm with widths of up to 78”. With our numerous lines of offline equipments we can add printed designs, laminate with other materials, and vary the surface appearance of the finished products. The offline converting facility consists principally of: multi-colors printing machines, multi-layered laminating machines and inspection machines. These machines allow to develop and create all possible PVC sheetings at customer specification, including multi-layered sheeting with print, embossing and various surface finish. Furthermore, the plant is self-contained, complete with a power sub-station, emergency generators, air compressors, deep wells and pumps, and a steam plant. About Three Hundred Fifty (350) people, trained in the latest trends in plastic manufacturing, our own R & D team, and a customer response staff will man the plant.